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Covers of all the books listed: Promise Me, Protective Custody, Flash Point, Special Assignment, Off the Map, Out of Range, Over Her Head
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Moody foggy mountains and forest. Hometown Heroes. They've spent their lives protecting their hometown. But who will protect their hearts? They grew up as friends, but now they are fighting to protect their community and the women they love. Meet Kyle, a detective; Joe, a fire captain, and Scott, a naval aviator.
Woman and man embrace in front of a beach at evening. Covers of Protective Custody, Flash Point, and Special Assignment. Curl up with the perfect romance combined with page-turning mystery and suspense. YOu can get the complete series now.
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Image of a woman reading on her phone. 5- stars. Likeable characters, suspense, and romance mix to create an enjoyable read. Diana.
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Image of the beach at sunset. In the Shadow. What's it like to be the sibling in the shadow of a hometown hero? Follow them as they come into their own heroic adventures fighting against nature, revealing bad guys, and falling in love.
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book cover of promise me

Cait can't catch a break. And now she's in danger too.

Cait can’t catch a break. Not only is she renovating an old farmhouse single handedly, her day job as a marketing director for a family farm is also a wreck thanks to the potentially devastating vandalism she happened to witness, setting in motion a chain of events that could cost her her job and her beloved house.

book cover of protective custody

He’s spent his life protecting his hometown. Now he’s protecting a woman he’ll risk everything to save.

A cop burned by love falls for a magazine editor. But she’s a key witness in a crime implicating the youth of the town’s rich and powerful. With more than their future at risk, the cop and the editor must discern betrayal from trust, and image from truth, while avoiding a danger closer than they think.

book cover of flash point

She’s a directionally-challenged architect who stumbled on a crime. He’s a firefighter protecting his hometown… and the woman he loves.

They want to find the man trying to burn down everything dear to Sarah. But can they discover his identity in time? Or will they lose everything, including each other?

book cover of special assignment

She’s trying to save her company. He’s trying to salvage his reputation. Only one of them can be right.

A brain-injured Navy pilot must work with the woman in charge of the program he blames for his injury. As they both grasp to save their careers, will their growing attraction hinder them as they attempt solve the mystery of who’s really at fault before someone else dies?

book cover of off the map

She thought it was a road trip adventure. But her stalker was on the road to retaliation, and she was his destination.

Allie Ellis’s neatly ordered life is turned upside down by the reappearance of her old high school crush, Det. Steve Collins. Now that life has brought them back together, he’s not going to let her go without giving them the chance they never had. Even if that means escaping with their lives.

book cover of out of range

It’s her chance to prove she’s good enough. It’s his chance to prove he’s more than a fun guy. Is it their time to find love, or does he have deadly competition?

Sister of the groom Kim is planning the details of the big day while juggling her big career break. But when the bride’s sister has other ideas, a forest fire burns out their adventure, and a creepy admirer shows up, can Kim find strength and comfort in fun guy Matthew Ellis? When her life is on the line, will he come through for her?

book cover of over her head

She's working on a new start. He's better with computers than people. Can they build a relationship that fits their new life?

Jessica and Austin have been thrown together by mutual friends. They even escaped a wildfire together. But do they have something more than friendship?

A relaxing weekend away becomes anything but as the danger mounts and the challenges reveal who they truly are. Will it pull them together or push them apart… for good? 

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