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Be Mine: The Route Home prequel novella (paperback)

Be Mine: The Route Home prequel novella (paperback)

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Can a simple thank you note turn into something more?

A woman searching for independence. A man searching for education.

In 1881 Oregon, Cassandra Parsons has set her cap for the local lumber camp owner. She’s been coddled and protected her whole life out of her parents’ fear of losing their only surviving child. But she wants to prove she can be a capable wife and not the china doll everyone thinks she is. Each attempt ends up in disaster.

Sy O’Malley, an educated-but-lonely orchard owner, doesn’t believe any townspeople share his intellectual interests. He’s been applying to live out his dream of a college education and get away from the family orchard. Reluctantly he participates in a town event, playing his treasured violin. When Cassandra literally bumps into him, he realizes she might be the one person in town who shares his intellectual interests. On a whim, he sends her an anonymous note funneled the through the town busybody, not expecting her to return one of her own.

Will Sy continue to keep the secret? Will Cassandra find out who truly wants her to Be Mine?

Be Mine is the prequel novella to The Route Home Series. If you like Christian historical romance wiht strong female characters, a warm-hearted cast of characters, and a dash of humor, you’ll love this journey of a town moving from the frontier into the modern age.

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