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Beneath a Star-Lit Sky: Holcomb Springs Small Town Romantic Suspense Book 1

Beneath a Star-Lit Sky: Holcomb Springs Small Town Romantic Suspense Book 1

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Small town girl looking to mend her broken heart…

…Small town boy needing to repair his reputation.

Who knew those simple goals could unearth life-threatening danger?

 Holcomb Springs has a wild past, and the wilderness outside its borders hides a treacherous present.

Teacher Ella Sommer is ready to forget about her broken engagement and escape running into her ex. An overnight hiking trip in the local wilderness offers what she needs to clear her head, breathe out under the stars, and prove that she is more than just a bookworm.

Former Army Ranger Reese Vega left Holcomb Springs with a bad boy rep, but has returned wiser, longing for a fresh start. Helping his brother’s hiking tour business offers him an opportunity to get into the great outdoors and let his past evaporate into the mountain air. But can he repair the relationship with his family?

When Reese and Ella are thrown together on the trail, what starts as a simple trek ends up filled with danger when they stumble across something they weren’t supposed to see.

Can they put aside their history and use their wits to get out of this situation?

Or will it be too late?

You’ll love Beneath a Star-Lit Sky, a Christian romantic suspense, because while the wilderness can’t be tamed, the human heart can.

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