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Finally Home: The Route Home Book 3 (paperback)

Finally Home: The Route Home Book 3 (paperback)

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He’s not who she thinks he is. But he might be the hero she needs.

In 1882, at the end of the Oregon Trail, Amelia Martin—a soon-to-be schoolteacher with a vivid imagination, a gift for making things grow, and an obsession with dime novels—has arrived with her doctor father on the frontier after the death of her mother. She longs for the adventure she finds in her novels and to prove to her father that she is capable and stronger than he thinks. But after a robbery on the stagecoach ride, her ideas about adventure might not hold up to reality.

Hank Paulson tries being a hero and protecting Amelia during the robbery, only to make things worse. Which is just as well since he’s hiding his true identity as the heir to a wealthy banking family by posing as a lumberjack. The clock is ticking to carve out his own success or return to the life his family has destined for him.

Amelia believes her very own dashing hero has come to her rescue, clumsy as it was. But when he returns her book dropped in the robbery, she is confused. The dashing man is now dressed as a common logger, nothing like the dime-novel hero she had met before.

Hank is enchanted by Amelia, but his interest isn’t returned. If he reveals who he really is, she might be more inclined to his attentions. Still, he wants to be loved for who he is, not who someone wants him to be.

As her new town is threatened by an enemy from its past, Amelia must learn that all heroes aren’t in the pages of a book. Hank might be the real hero they all need.

Can he help without revealing who he is? And will Amelia love him when she learns the truth? Will Amelia love life on the frontier and prove to be stronger than any dime-novel heroine?

Finally Home is the third and final book in The Route Home series. If you like Christian historical romance with a touch of suspense, then you’ll love this journey of a frontier era moving into the modern age. Jump into the adventure today.

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