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The Inn at Cherry Blossom Lane, a novella

The Inn at Cherry Blossom Lane, a novella

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Can the summer magic of Lake Michigan bring first loves back together?

Or will the secret they discover threaten everything they love?

Claire Thornton used to spend summers near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore at her grandma’s house. Though she was essentially abandoned by her parents each year, her best memories came from spending days at the lake, bonfires at night, and through it all, the company of the boy next door, Alex Wilder.

Alex’s parents ran a summer camp and didn’t have much time for him, but Claire and her grandma did. What started out as friendship deepened into a heady first love. Until Claire left for college.

Now, fifteen years later, Grandma wants to turn her historic home and property into a bed-and-breakfast in one of Michigan’s most popular tourist towns and have Claire run it, which had always been Claire’s dream. Unbeknownst to Claire, Grandma has also hired Alex to do the construction work.

Claire has landed a big destination wedding for their grand opening. With only weeks to finish the project, the old house gives up a secret: a hidden room and a diary written by a once-famous actress. Claire’s history-loving heart is thrilled, but the discovery has the potential to derail the project. Can she keep an antsy bride placated, history buffs at bay, and resist Alex’s charms all while getting the B-and-B ready to open? And could the story behind the secret room put her family in danger?

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