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The Road Home: The Route Home Book 2

The Road Home: The Route Home Book 2

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She has secrets...
...So does he
Will the two of them work out the past and find a future together?

Schoolteacher-to-be Emily Stanton has played many roles in the past. She can play this one long enough for it to come true. But when stolen money shows up in her bag, the past she has desperately tried to hide from has come back to haunt her… And jeopardize her new life.

Stagecoach driver Josh Benson has his own painful past. And a present that seems to have its fill of trouble as well. Much of which seems to be following the pretty schoolteacher. But she might be one person who can understand what he’s been through. How much of his past he is willing to tell her?

As their pasts come toward a present reckoning, can they trust each other enough to heal their wounds? Will confronting the past lead to a better future… or destruction?

Set in a frontier town at the end of the Oregon Trail in 1881, The Road Home is book 2 in The Route Home series. If you like Christian historical romance with a touch of suspense, you’ll love this journey of trust and love. Start the adventure today. Buy The Road Home now.

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